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Airlie Beach


After I left Brisbane together with Helen we landed in Airlie Beach on the 6th April in the late afternoon. We almost missed the taxi into town but luckily got one at last. 20$ Oo in my opinion way to much. But the weather was good (and I just telling you cause after that I quickly learned why weather conditions can change and ruin things) It was sunny and warm. So perfect weather to do a sailing trip :)) And let me tell you this: IT WAS AWESOME!!! ♥ I loved that trip. Sun, snorkel, great people and a beach white as flour and as soft, too! We were 24 people plus 2 people crew. It was soooo gut fun! Sleeping under stars, having chats so everyone and simply relaxing in the sun. The first day was not fun for everyone. Some got seasick... and even if you were okay on deck it got really bad inside. So it was pretty good that we could sleep on deck even though it was raining. But we put up a kind of tent that covered pretty much the whole boat. The food there were *.* can't even describe it. Having fresh made mashed potatoes after aprox. 9 month was like heaven. Brekkie was fruit salad, cereal, bread, milk, coffee, tea, nutella, jams, honey... and that twice. Got such a wonderful brekkie both mornings.. 7am :O but was okay. And lunch was wraps!! =) haven't had so many wonderful things together for a really long time. The 2nd day we arrived at Whitehaven beach. After a short forest tour we went to the outlooks. That view is great. everything still is covered with water a bit but you already can see how big the beach will be later the day. Then we made our way down to the beach. The sand... Aawwwwh!... incredible!! white and soft as flour and it's great to walk in it. but it's sticking everywhere as well... so getting rid of it is quite tricky. We took some group photos and then had some time for ourselves. So we went into the water and right in front of us some stingrays were swimming. They didn't get close to us but still I have never been so close to one in the wild before. the water was nice and warm only the sun was hiding most of the time :(. Photos and impressions in the photo album. For our last night the crew planned some party games for us. They dressed up as captain Jack Sparrow (half naked and with a giant penis) and a half naked bunny (they are 2 men). It was hilarious! On our last day we went snorkelling again as we did the day before as well :). We fed fish and saw beautiful corrals. But there are death corrals everywhere as well. It looks horrible to see how destroyed it already is. But all the coloured corrals and fish are wonderful to watch! Around 10 we had a kind of brunch before we made our way back to Airlie Beach… The Whitsundays are amazing and beautiful! But next time I’ll be better prepared! :D I had an itchy eye and it got worse on that trip. At the end I looked like a panda :’D It was swollen and red! Helen and Paula, who we met on the boat and had similar travel plans, made jokes about it the whole day! So now I’m Cros girlfriend! Don’t ask how they got that idea! They are crazy :’D!!!




Magnetic Island:


We took the Premier bus to Magnetic Island. We took the ferry from Townsville and the bus from the ferry terminal to our hostel. It was like paradise! Little cabins instead of a big building with stuffed up rooms. Palm trees everywhere and heaps of flowers and other green plants. And the best thing… it was right next to the sea ♥. Really beautiful setting. The 1st evening we did a walk to a close place called “picnic bay”. We saw green and brown ants. From our skipper we knew that when you lick the green bottom it gives a sour taste. Useless I guess but a funny info.


… But then everything changed. Okay that sounds really bad. Worse than it probably was but anyway it was a little disaster for us! We knew that there should be heavy weather conditions up in Cairns but we didn’t know that it was that bad! The cyclone hit cairns that weekend. And our bus that was expected to bring us up there on Saturday was cancelled. The first of 2 tours was cancelled as well the day after we arrived on Magnetic Island. So we extended our hostel and booked the bus on Monday. Saturday evening it was raining and we were bored so Helen and I danced in the rain for a while, jumped into the paddles and hat a water fight. Haven’t done it for ages!!! It was so much fun. Then we wanted to have a quiet evening in our room but we had 3 boys from Switzerland in our room and they animated us to join the “rain party”. So Paula and me put our wet cloth back on and joined the party for another hour. Was good fun :) In the night from sat to sun we were hit be the storm and the island was cut off from the mainland for a few hours. No ferries, no busses and no power. So we weren’t even able to get information about anything (weather, busses etc.). Uh and first when we woke up that morning we weren’t even allowed to leave out cabins. “We are in the eye of the storm. Stay in your rooms for the next couple of hours” :/ great! In the end it was just a bit more rain that came down. We were worried and when we called the bus company if our bus was still running on Monday they told us that the busses are not running till Tuesdays. Yay! Our flight from Cairns to Darwin was booked for Tuesday morning. So no chance for us to get there in time. The streets were closed anyway. I’m sooo thankful for my aunt and my Oma! I called them cause we hadn’t internet connection to look up flights from Townsville to Darwin. But that was our only chance to get to Darwin at all. And they rescued us!!! They found and booked a flight for the next day. So we only had to book another night in Darwin because we arrived a day earlier than planned. Now we are here, luckily. And all because of a cyclone! Too much excitement :D Hope the rest of our journey will be okay.



Daniela sent me a message because Lulu got her babies. (Lulu is the dog of my last hostfamily in Brisbane) They are adorable, 7 little black puppies. But I’m sad that I couldn’t see them :( . Hope they doing well!



Okay you are pretty good getting down here with all the reading. So have fun with the photos then if you haven’t had a look, yet ;) guess next time I write I will be in Adelaide again. That will be on the 29th. So wish you a nice time for now and happy easter :* Hope that the easter bunny has some wonderful coloured eggs for you ;)

Bye xoxo














































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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