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Frog @ my window
Frog @ my window

Hey :) 

my week started off quiet. Went to Maradahdi with the girls on monday where they were told about insects. We had a microscope, some spiders, bees and beetles. And some other activities as well :p On tuesday was my day off but I couldn't really do anything except staying home cause it was raining the whole day! Not just raining a few hours and then its good again. No, it was really raining 24 hours. So our rainwatertanks are filled up again and I don't have to worry about using water anymore :D It is not that bad but it's nice to have a shower in the morning with the knowledge of full watertanks :) It didn't stop raining on wednesday. It was better than tuesday so that at Maradahdi we went outside at least a bit but most of the day it was wet/ rainy and human :( But the kids are pretty okay with it. When they wanna play outside... well.. then they getting wet. :D but they won't ever stay inside just because of some rain :D On thursday i took all 3 to IKEA. They LOVE it! But because Lee-Yoni's studying starts an hour earlier now and of cause it was raining we couldn't go to the playground and had to wait in the car till IKEA opened -.- and 40 minutes can be incredible long! But as finally the doors opened we had a great time. It's getting easier every time I'm doing sth with them. After dropping the girls at the "IKEA Playground" for an hour I tried to get the baby boy to sleep. Was relaxing sitting on a couch with a baby sleeping on my tummy. On friday we had the kids friends over and it was not relaxing at all. I couldn't really do sth but had to be there the whole time -.-' but the afternoon I had for me and the cleaning stuff :'D and even skyped my aunty and granny :) 

Now comes the funny part xD 
My hostmum is working at the Homebirth Center Queensland. That also means that she supervises pregnent mothers and gives help when they give birth to they baby. One of her 2 mothers is over due and the whole week already was a bit of a guess if she is having her baby. What would have been tricky with only one car for us. But last night from sat to sun I heard the phone and already thought that it is time and I can do babysitting that night and the sunday. But I only got a message in the morning that Lee-Yoni has to go during the day and if I can keep in reach. As it rained again I haven't had any other plans. So I stayed here and watched movies. In the afternoon I ad a little walk with all 3 kids cause Lee-Yoni had a rest just in case and they were bored. It was a great walk :). Now I'm sitting here and waiting. The dad is back home and we have a second car again!!! <3 But we will do the kids tomorrow so when ever it will be Lee-Yoni and I take the baby boy and go to this mother and her baby. Wondering what will happen when it's early in the morning. Really exciting everything! :) It is Lee-Yonis first time helping a mother giving birth. So everything is new to her as well. 


Uh on saturday we had great weather. I needed to go to the shops but haven't had a car so I decided to walk to the next busstation.... which is an hour walking away. Okay, I tought, lets go before it's getting too hot. So I made my way to the busstation. But after 5 minutes walk the clouds left and lovely sun came out and made it just a bit hard to walk... :( Argh and no shade anywhere - of cause! And after I almost died I reached the busstation... the wrong one. So another 5 minutes walk to get to the right one. But then I made my way to the shops *.* have NEVER in my LIFE been so happy about water, air-con and german summer. :D This was only autumn and I was alsmost dying xD ...well QLD autumn but still... :D And after such a great time in an air-conditioned place I had to go back :( trough the heat... all the way back from the bus station home. BUT now I know that I'll never do it again and it was a good experience. At night I therefor saw a giant frog sticking to my window! ♥ (photo at top ↑). That by the way distracted me from going to sleep for quite a long time and I ended up at 1:30pm. And that was when I heard the phone ringing.... :D 

Let you know next week how everything went. And that then will also be my last post from Brisbane. Next sunday Helen and I are off to our adventure ♥ but I already told you all about that :D 


C u later then :*

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"Enjoy the little things,

for one day you may look back

and discover

they were the big things."

Robert Brault