in 13 days I'm sitting in a plane on my way to Airlie Beach. Therefrom Helen and I will do a 2days/2night sailing tour around the Whitsundays. And the days go faster when it is busy. 


My last weekend simply ran away :( Friday I workes halfday. Afterwards I took the train to Helen. It was her birthday. Her hostmum and I organised that I come without Helen knowing. Told her that I have to work long days and can't come because of that. It was sooooo great to see her again!! Well... in a different house area. It's getting boring always being at my house. And at the moment we only have one car. Thought it would be fixed quicker but it will take another week! And next week tuesday I have to pick up the new Au Pair. So would be better if it is fixed till then. 
But Helens birthday was awesome. Hope she thinks that too! Sharidan picked me up at 5pm and then we did the shopping and got Pavlova as Helens birthday cake. Amy (Helens Hostchild) and I made the cake and we had a wonderful dinner with the family, song, dancing, cake and a movie ;) It was hilarious! We put songs on and Amy an I danced to them. Like the "Ketchup song" or "macarena". Uh we danced "Gangman style", too. Her mum took a video. Deffinetely must try to get it! :D Helen fell asleep during the movie. And even I, even that I like that one (How to loose a guy in 10 days), had problems with staying awake. In Adelaide I never had problems with staying up late but here even 11pm is hard Oo. The kids take ALL my engergy xD :'D Mum imagine I enjoy the kidsfree time where I have to do the tidying upcause then it's nice and quiet and nobody can get it untidy again... at least for a couple og hours *_* 
Tomorror is my day off... so if you'd like to talk or do anything... PLEASE let me know! I don't have a car and can't get away from here. So will be home the whole day. xD Or any ideas for movies? :D Had to give back my Bollywood ones. So need some new ones now. 

I booked my flights from Perth - Adelaide and Adelaide - Melbourne yesterday :)) so another thing I can looking foreward to. in about 5 weeks I already will be in Adelaide again. Talked to Tiff last week and it was such a great felling talking to them again. Cannot wait to see them all again. Will skype them again before I leave next week sunday. Or probably saturday. Depents on how the week with the new au Pair is going. Really hope that she will be fine and isn't too scared about everything. The Hostmum at least always remembers my bread, cowmilk and Nutella :)) And as soon as I have my car back I have to go getting some more bottled water :D Helen and mum are afraids that I'm getting sick by drinking the rainwater here. :D 
But I got over the fleas and my skin irritation is better, too. No need to worry :) will survive the last 13 days as well ^^ 

Will let you know in what condition I'm at the end  ;) 

have a wonderful week :*

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"Enjoy the little things,

for one day you may look back

and discover

they were the big things."

Robert Brault