It never gets boring...

Here I am again :) 

sorry that it took so long again but it is not thaaat exciting at the moment. 
The family is lovely and the kids getting easier. They were camping last weekend what means that I had a whole weekend without any noise ♥ and only little duty :) Helen came over as well! It was amazingly great to see her again. We went into the city saturday cause Helen got her Tattoo. I took a picture and sent it to some friends and mum just pretrending it was mine. My mums answer was "Lena, das wird dir irgendwann noch mal richtig leid tun!!!" Thanks mum for trusting me that much :* Oo

And we didn't know that it was St. Patrick's Day so we saw the parade without any knowledge. Quite nice surprise. Back home we discovered fleas (Flöhe)... -.- what means we put all bed covers, sheets and my clothes in the washing machine in the middle of the night. yeah! :D Helen and I slept on the plain matraze that night. :'D It never gets boring with her ♥
The next day I had to drop her at the train station quite early so that there wasn't any time for activity :( When Lee-Yoni came back I told her and we put the matraze outside so that the sun could kill my little friends :D And we did the same again the next day. 
I had all 3 kids yesterday to take to homeschool cause Lee-Yoni had a meeting. Imagne helping with the activities while looking after a 1 and a 3 yrs old. It's exhausting! Exspecially with not a lot of sleep thanks to Simone and Jona the night before :D But I loved skyping to them again after such a long time :))) It was worth it! 
And I talked to my Hostfamily in Adelaide :) After our travel Helen goes back to Melbourne and I'll have a stop over in Adelaide before returning to Melbourne. It was great to talk to them and the kids *.* Can't wait to see them and spent time with them again!! And of cause Chloe :) It's so exciting to go back even if it has just been 2 month without them. How should it work for years?! But anyway that's figured out now and it's not long to go!! 
And after all the work yesterday and cleaning up and 3 loads of washing (which one of them I still have to hang up) I enjoyed the nice cool breaze and relaxing on the trampoline :) 

Next weekend is Helens birthday... And I actually planned to spend the weekend there but as I have to work sundays it doesn't work :( And I have a really adorable present for her Oo dammit :( 

that were the news. Oh uh, we found a new Au Pair :) she'll arrive Tue, April 1st. I will pick her up from the Air Port. With which my last week in this family will begin... Only 2 more "lonely" weeks :D 

Okay but that is it. 
Have fun with the photos ;) 


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"Enjoy the little things,

for one day you may look back

and discover

they were the big things."

Robert Brault