Brisbane :)

Botanical Gardens Brisbane
Botanical Gardens Brisbane

Hey :) 

sorry that I didn't write the last few weeks. But there wasn't really something interesting. The new family is different from what I've known before. They use rainwater and try to use as much organic as possible. There are not a lot of rules and the kids are pretty much allowed... well a lot xD They go to a homeschool. It's a little Schoolhouse in a community and it's not about modern learning but learning trough playing. Parents run the school more or less and the kids decide when they learn what. But it seems to work. The kids learn things I didn't know that age... but on the other hands they can't do things other kids are able to do in the same age. But that's what they say, that every child learns different things in a different age. So they just let it go. And The family is really nice :) The kids are 7,3 and 1 and love doing they thing. Preferable without someone else telling them how or what to do. A bit like me when I was young O:) The mum is studying and working but most of the time she looks after the youngest so that I just have the both girls :) And I have my own car. Manual. So started practicing for germany already again. 

It's a bit awkward that I will be back in less then 3 month. Or 90 days. Sounds less than in month. and in 35 days Helen and I start our journey around Australia. Picked up our documents today :))) So excited!! Can't belive that it's almost time already and then time will go so damn fast.... I'm not really sure whether I should be happy or sad xD . Last week I just wanted to go home 'cause of all this new things.. again. Fitting in a family, well, rainwater, I had a skin irritation, and additional Karneval. But at last I realised that the little things here are the good ones that showed me that I should enjoy time here in this family. We were outside in the garden playing. I was pushing Caelia and Marion on the swing and Wulf was playing with our crazy dog Lulu. It was relaxed and kind of... I don't know. Felt like a normal afternoon in a family... :) Why would I give that up earlier than I have too?! And then there was the drive in movie night yesterday. It's funny how people thing that I'm a mum just because I have up to 3 quite young kids around :D Well, Leonie (mum) was there as well but I took Wulf to the playground and looked after him. We watched "Frozen". Have seen it twice but it is still a great movie :) 


On the other side of the city is Helen working in a family that is simply cool! Have spent a weekend there already and they are adorable. When the mum found out that I like Bollywood she got ALL (I'm not kidding) dvd's out to get every single Bollywood dvd she thinks I have to watch. So I took home 10 Bollywood dvds + 4 other ones I HAVE TO WATCH :D So I don't have to worry about my evenings the next few days/ weeks. Especially cause one Bollywood dvd is approx 3h long Oo. 

Today I sent teh day in Brisbane and had a little walk around. The botanical garden is really beautiful! And has many different faces ;) But as I have the movie park, wet'n wild and seaworld really close to me and a season ticket I probably will be there a bit more often than in the city O:) 
But for now I go back to normal tomorrow working. Tuesday I'm off so will check out the Westfield Shopping Center ;) the biggest in this area :)) Hope they don't have clearances or sales. I already spent too much money on clothes :'D But it's warm here all time and I didn't bring too much ;) And I already got Helen's birthday present ;) :D (Helen you'll love it!) It's her birthday in 19 days ;) So excited :)) 

Okay that's the latest update :) Hope you german guys are enjoying Karneval :) The photos I got look awesome! 

Sooo, better go to bed  now. Need some energy for the kids tomorrow :) 

(btw, I can't put any photos of the kids on here cause  Leonie asked me not to... and I can totally understand but promise you.. they are gorgeous ♥)

C ya :* 


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"Enjoy the little things,

for one day you may look back

and discover

they were the big things."

Robert Brault