let's have the next adventure

Hey guys :)


We're sitting here at Peterpans and useing the last hours of freedom :D in about 3 hours we're leaving to our hostfamilies for the next 7 weeks. Well, finally I found one xD A few days ago it wasn't sure if I have a job or not. While we were travelling in NZ I got a mail from my new hostmum in Emerald that I can't come anymore cause they're moving back to Rockhampton. So from one sec to another I didn't have a job anymore Oo. I was shocked! I just woke up. couldn't really belive it. She offered me to pay for my flight that was already booked - how kind xd but till today I didn't get anything. Will wait a couple of more days and then I'll text her again. it was 150$ Oo and she offered me to hepl finding a new hostfamily. but I didn't hear from her for about 3 days so Helen and i looked on our own. but it's quite tricky with unregular internet acess, time difference and and from a different country to get in contact. But then I got a mail from an au Pair that was looking for her hostfamily to find a new au Pair cause they au pair just cancled the job as well so they were in need of a new one asap. they live ca half an hour away from Brisbane City in Park Ridge South. It's a mum with 3 kids. 2 girls(6+3) and a boy (1). I don't have a lot of infos but they sound nice and I will meet the current au pair Kathrin. She is leaving on sunday and I have to drop her at the airport :D So I had to get presents and everything yesterday. I got a bubble game, a decoration thing and chocolate. Just don't know what to bring for the little one. Probably something like a ball or sth for the water.

AAAAND Darien and Kiki are here in Brisbane atm. So we met yesterday :))) It was so cool to see them again. Last time was in Sydney for NYE. We went to the botanical gardens and did some shopping. when we were in Taget I saw a post on FB that there should be a german backery somewhere and Darien saw that it was in Brisbane on the market so we went there and even had a german speaking seller from Essen :'D We made our way to Southbank, a artificially made area with sand and kind of pools next to the river. On the way there we walked past a drunken, or whatever they took, couple that was kind of scary. Later they were at southbank as well and acted really awkward. Anyway we enjoyedthe day togehter :) and it nearly ended with a wet Darien and Lena cause we were annoting each other the whole time so that we start splashing water and so on... but they were picked up by Mandy, a friend they're travelling with so that ther wasn't enough time :( Probably won't see them again here in Australia...


but Helen and I planned our trip trough Australia now :) well, and we have actually booked it already. Now we're really poor backpackers xD We go to the whitsundays, Cairns with snorkeling and rainforesttour, up to darwin where we're doing a 3 days kakadu national park tour and then we're off to perth were we will do a 7 days Perth to exmouth return tour :)))) So excited now!!! After that I'll go back to Adelaide for a few days to see everyone again before going back to Melbourne for the last days here in australia.......... :(

but for now i have to leave to meet my new hostfamily :)
let you know how they are on sunday ^^


heaps of love;
Lena :**

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"Enjoy the little things,

for one day you may look back

and discover

they were the big things."

Robert Brault