2000ks and more...

...we probably already drove in the last 9 days :P 


Started in Christchurch we made our way to down to Queenstown the next day already. After satying there 2 nights and had an amazing time gazing at NZ's stunning nature: mountains, lakes that have a shining blue colour, or such amazing views on our way we headed off to Fox Glacier and along the west coast. We stayed in Greymouth and made some interesting experiences with a policeman :( who gave us a $200 fee for unauthorised free camping near an official camping ground. Since then we're staying on camping grounds. Before that we slept pretty much everywhere and had freezing cold showers in a lake or at beach showers. Now we have the luxury to have proper, most of the time clean toilettes and warm showers :D 

After  Greymouth we went to Motueka, which is close to the Abel Tasman National Park and spent a day in Kaiteriteri where we hired a Kayak and explored the National Park from the water. We even saw a penguin swimming next to us. Helen was scared on the open sea with all the waves but everything finally went well :) Nature and the country are incredible amazing. On our way to Picton where we booked a ferry to the north island for yesterday we picked up 2 german girls who were on they way to Nelson. was quite nice to talk to other germans that time. But as soon as we arrived in Picton and now here in Taupo there are soo many germans. It's a little bit scary. But the aisan people still hold the records of the number of tourists. They are everywhere :D 


Our nights a long and we're not really in a rush to get up early in the mornings. And surprisingly sleeping in a car is more comfi than I thought. It's getting cold during the night sometimes but that's alright ;) we have warm clothes and nice sleepingbags :) 

At the moment we stay in Taupo. Its on the north island. Helen's best friend is here so we surprised her yesterday. Tomorrow we have the bungy jump in the morning and after that we'll heading off to Rotorua where they have hot springs. Sounds good :) 

on the 9th we might be in Matamata to have a look at the Lord of the rings film setting. And on the 10th we have to drop our car in Auckland. We'll stay there overnight and in the afternoon our flight to Brisbane's leaving. 

It's such a nice time down here but living like real backpackers is quite a challenge. :D 

Have fun with the photos ;) 


xoxo Lena :) 

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"Enjoy the little things,

for one day you may look back

and discover

they were the big things."

Robert Brault