Travel starts <3

Hi everyone :))



8 days ago I left my hostfamily. Now I’m here in Melbourne and send my time with my amazing family! We’ve been to Oma’s farm the last few days. Today Helen is here and we’re planning our NZ trip that starts in a couple of days.


There are so many things to think of. And I’m a little bit scared about the luggage weight Oo. We’re allowed to have 20kg! How should we do that? Especially because we’re not coming back to Melbourne after NZ.

We have a flight to Brisbane on the 11th of February. There we will stay till about the 7th of April (probably) xD I have a job in a family. They live in Emerald, about 7 hours drive away from Brisbane in a little country town with approx 12.000 citizens. Stacey, the mum, works in a medical centre and the dad works as a roof plumber. I have to look after 2 kids. A boy, Tane, who is 2 and a girl, Amelia, who just turned 4. So a little bit younger than Phoebe and Abbie. There is another boy Rhys (14), who is Stacey’s son. I’m they first Au Pair. But they already have another Au Pair when I’m leaving. In the last 6 moth I learnt so much and now it helps me to be with another family :). There are some Au Pairs in Emerald that have a weekly catch up every Tuesday. Will be good fun to get to know a new family and a “new life”. And whatever comes afterwards… we will see ;)



But now have a look at the few photos I took the last week. ;)



P.S. next time I’ll write might be already from Brisbane as I have no idea if I can write from New Zealand. But I’ll take my Laptop so who knows ;)



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"Enjoy the little things,

for one day you may look back

and discover

they were the big things."

Robert Brault