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Hey guys :) 


to let you know: Please get used to unregular posts.... O:) I'm heading off to Melbourne on friday (17.1) and start travelling on the 28.1. to New Zealand.


My last full week here was wonderful! It was Abbie's birthday on monday and one of her friends came over for a playdate and we had birthday cake with the grandparents und her Aunty. Tue - Fri was quite normal :P I looked after the kids. Chloe and I went to the beach togehter and I was doing stuff such as getting thank you cards, making farewell presents and party preperation. On saturday it was Abbie's party at the Burnside swimming centre. It was beautiful weather and the kids had an hour of program with an instructior who was playing games with them. Laura and I looked after Grace and Phoebe. We had a table with lots of food and a gorgeous birthday party cake. The "Little Dot - Bake Shop" Lady did an amazing job!!! Everyone was happy and we had such a great time. Rebecca, Jana and me had dinner at Rebecca's and a cocktail in Glenelg later that day. And on sunday we went to Middelton near Victor Habour for a day at the beach with surf lessons. WUZAH! SO cool! Jana didn't have a go but Rebecca and I did pretty well... ;) uh and we had a surfteacher who looked like this guy "Noah" from "Wie ein einziger Tag/ The Notebook". From then on the weather got hotter and hotter! Yesterday we were up to 45°C. That was the 4th hottest day in the South Australia weather record. And tomorrow it should be up to 46°C. We're going to the "Free Birds" movie in the morning and having a friend's birthdayparty in the afternoon. It's a sleepover party for Abbie. Phoebe and I are going to help in the afternoon with driving the kids to the pool and bringing them back. Such a nice thing to do on my last day as an Au Pair. Phoebe and Grace will have another swim togehter and Laura and I'll look after them again. Luckily it will be in an indoor pool. So we don't have to worry about the sun and the incredible hot temperatures too much. 
As Abbie is off to the sleep over tomorrow we had the farewell dinner and the present giving thing today... it was a lovely dinner with  the grandparents at Café Buongiorno's where there is a cow on the roof on the building next to the Café :D the kids LOVE it! :) 
After that I asked them upstairs where I had a little surprise for them. I was working on a video the last days. Everyone who was trying to talk to me in these nights had bad luck :D yesterday I was kind of grumpy because everyone wanted to ask sth -.- honestly one of the worst times for them to contact me xD but luckily I finished in time and so I showed the video to them :) and the kids liked it and were singing the songs. It was not a too sad moment cause I will hopefully come back soon. They invited me to spend easter together with them in Victor Habour and I really would love to. but we will see how it's working. 


Helen and I booked the ferry from south island to north island of New Zealand yesterday. So now it's set how much time we'll spend on each island... a bit scary to think about it. Being there for 2 weeks only with a car and 20kg of clothes! Oo But the good thing is that we acutally can stay everywhere with the car. Here in Asutralia you're not allowed to just park where ever you like. For the time after that I'm talking to a family in Brisbane at the moment for another but only 7 weeks Au Pair job to earn some money for travelling :) But that's the future.... the present is goint to sleep now in a nice and cool air conditioned room :) .... >.< 


heaps of love xox

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"Enjoy the little things,

for one day you may look back

and discover

they were the big things."

Robert Brault