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Hi everyone :) 

this post is especially for my lovely cousins Anna & Julia... they were complaining about that this isn't written in english... and I have to agree it indeed is a bit mean that they aren't able to read this.... so this time I'll try. Sorry! in the quite possible case there are any mistakes!!! 


First of all... I really had the BEST AUSSIE CHRISTMAS TIME i could imagne. Steve's sister came over with her family for Steve's birthday and Christmas. It was great to meet them. They're from Melbourne. I first met them the day before the birthday. Steve took the kids and me to Glenelg where they were staying. It was a nice afternoon and Tiff had some time to get organised for Christmas. There was soooo much to do! She managed it really well!!! Rebecca and I went to Lomberthal after church on Christmas Eve. There have an amazing tradition of putting christmas light up everywhere. Australia actually itn's that crazy about christmas lights but this town is because of... something that has to do with german settlers... i think. Afterwards I went to the midnight service of the Malvern United Church 


On Christmas Day we had lunch outside in the garden with everyone and about 30degrees. What was actually a pretty good temperature to have a swim in the sea in the morning. I met Pippa (Steve's sister), Tim (her husband), Adrian & Emily (they kids, both about my age) at the beach. It feels definitely WEIRD to go swimming on Christmas Day in late December and having summer. But it was simply amazing! Not at last because we built up a "snow-sandman". Unfortunately i didn't take a photo of it... but I promise, it works! :) Anyway, after i got back and ready I got the kids ready. The lunchtable looked so good! We even had nutcrackers as decoration. It was a fantastic day. The kids were definitely spoiled with presents ;P It was nice sitting together with the whole family opening prensents and to see how happy everyone was. Thanks to my mum and Markus for your wonderful presents you sent to me! loved every single one :'D AND I saw my first giant spider :D a huntsman. Not poisonous but ugly! and Steve wanted it to go up to my room -.-

The next day was lazy, more or less. Had a sleep in and lunch with the girls. The boys where off for playing golf and just got back when I was about to leave for heading of to Melbourne  :)) Was visiting my family :) It was soo great to see them again. The girls have holidays and we did many wonderful things. Oma and I got tickets for the King Kong Musical for Christmas so we went there one day. It's such a good play!!! If anyone of you should ever get the chance to go- DO! We also went on the SkyDeck on the highest building in the southern hemesphere or something. Pretty impressive :D and oh goodness! This view♥  but time passed by soo fast :( and after a few wonderful and active days i had to leave for NYE in Sydney ;) You can belive me when I tell you it was busy and crowded. 1.5mio people. We had a nice spot to watch the firework and even if we didn't see all of it it was a really good experience and btw I made some new friends ;) Not living in Adelaide though but still... :) will see them again in Brsibane mid feb to march probably. Darien (one of them) had the same flight back to Adelaide as me so we stayed awake togehter, were recharging our mobiles at the airport and we literaly were the only ones who were awake for the safetyshow on the plane - everyone else were asleep Oo. Back in Adelaide we went to IKEA having breakky for only $1. Honestly- that is awesome!!!! A proper (warm) breakfast for this less money is rare. 


Back here I did such nice things as well. I saw Chloe and  I was showing her around even that she already lived here for a long while i had to show her around :D Rebecca and I had a looong dvd night with 3 movies, Tiffany took me to Murray Bridge finally. Such a wonderful town and a lovely day to see where my mum and her family used to live when she was a teenager. And the 2h boattrip was not to bad, too! :D kidding- it was beatuiful and fantastic! My hostfamily took me to a park yesterday and Abbie and I had a boat ride together. And today I walked so much! Rebecca and I looked for new places in Adelaide where we haven't been yet and we really found some. And a totally new view :D from on top of a tree :) there were so many people because of the cricket game and everyone was kind of staring at us... just because we were on a tree Oo :D 

I actually planned a nice quiet evening but Chloe picked me up for the Drive In Cinema - means: We stayed in out car infront of a screen and had the sound through the radio. Can't complain about the aussie activies! ♥


Tomorrow its Abbies 8th birthday and her pool party will be on saturday :) and I have good news! I don't have to worry about any free time cause I won't have any :D Chloe is planning sth for every single day i'm off. I'm leaving in 12 days... and we want to spend as much time as possible together before we won't see for such a long time :( It will be damn hard to go away but I'm also already sooo excited about Helens and mine New Zealand trip... O:) and everything that comes before or after it... what ever will be... there are two really important things to know: 

1. "I don't mind, I'm a backpacker" 

2. " I'm german, I'm crazy!"


I miss you so much guys but i'm glad to be here and will see all of  you again soon! And first of all I'll see you Anna and Julia, Geli, Paul and Oma again in 12 days :) 


love ya xx 

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    Geli (Montag, 06 Januar 2014 03:32)

    Good to see the Aussie slang :-)

"Enjoy the little things,

for one day you may look back

and discover

they were the big things."

Robert Brault